The movie "Love Story" Therefore, I realized how come that movie "Love Story" must be 悲劇收場; because that woman was working in library, she should have had done her professio 賣屋nal duty to treat every one coming to her the equally service, she should not have had abused her jo 酒店打工b power to take advantage of rich and famous client(s). She abused her job power to take advantage of rich and famous you 酒店工作ng man's name, she must pay the time to show she truely love that young man personally nothing to do with his rich and famous links, therefo 小額信貸re, she should have had stay home to wait for him to find whatever job that most American men have had done to feed their love ones. No man is perfect not mention the se 褐藻醣膠cond to man's woman, therefore, every one of us may have second chance as long as we are not "Mean.Zhi.Goo(se).Fun", obviously that "Love Story" woman failed to pass her second test t 關鍵字廣告o show her true love to that rich and famous young man enough to stay home to wait for him to service her or to starve to die with him together. Woman must rather to starve to die than go out to do her man's d 酒店經紀uty. Woman going out to make a living must be single unmarried, divorced, abandoned, widowed that makes her run out of savings to feed self and her own kids. And I must point out to Hollywood that that rich and famous dad had done the r 關鍵字排名ight thing to tell his son that he must be able independently taking care himself  if he think he good enough to have the free mind to marry that  woman unknown to his parents and he must take the duty by himself to take care his on 裝潢ly love woman chosen by himself. Obviously he did not love that woman or that woman not loving him enough to have guts to see paper work  lightly. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 網路行銷  .
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